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Mens Finals

posted 10 Sep 2017, 12:11 by Gidea Park Bowling   [ updated 10 Sep 2017, 12:13 ]

CompetitionWinner    R/U
ChampionshipE. CollinsJ. Hicks
HandicapG. BatemanR. Byers
Club PairsD. Cole
J.  Brand
I. Evans
Two Wood Pairs G. Baker
J.  Milton
N. Sarsfield
A. Tarling
Two Wood SinglesN.Sarsfield  R.Courtney 
Presidents Prize   B. Hudson A. Tarling
Fixed JackN. SarsfieldA. Tarling
Mixed SinglesL. HowardJ. Hicks


RBA Rinks 2017

posted 6 Sep 2017, 02:53 by Gidea Park Bowling   [ updated 7 Sep 2017, 01:13 ]

Congratulations to Kevin James, Les Howard, David O'Leary and Gordon Baker on winning the RBA Rinks 2017

BDBA Triples 2017

posted 6 Sep 2017, 02:39 by Gidea Park Bowling   [ updated 6 Sep 2017, 02:40 ]

Congratulations to Kevin James. Les Howard and David O'Leary on winning the BDBA Triples 2017

Ladies Finals

posted 3 Sep 2017, 02:49 by Gidea Park Bowling

 Competition   Winner  R/U
Championship Mrs. D. BartonMrs. J. Wait    
Handicap        Mrs. D. BartonMrs. S. Glozier
Fixed Jack    Mrs. M. CoppingMrs. B. Cooper
Blane CupMrs. A. Moore Mrs. J. Wait
Club PairsMrs, J.C. Day
Mrs. P. Walter 
Mrs. B. Ayrton
Mrs. M. Copping
Margaret Grove PRSMrs. P. Saunders
Mrs. M. Copping
Mrs. P. Edney
Mrs. J. Garforth
Triples    Mrs. J. Wait
Mrs. J.E. Day
Mrs. M. Copping 
Mrs. P. Arnold
Mrs. P. Edney
Mrs. I. Parr
 Froud Cup    Mrs. P. SaundersMrs. S. Glozier


posted 26 Aug 2016, 04:35 by Gidea Park Bowling   [ updated 13 Apr 2017, 13:43 ]

Due to technical difficulties the clubs wifi is temporarily suspended


posted 4 Feb 2016, 09:54 by Gidea Park Bowling   [ updated 13 Apr 2017, 13:43 ]

Would all members please send their email address to :

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